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  Ms. Bert Mandeville - Chair of Education Committee.  She has a B.S. in Corporate Communications and a M.S. in Organizational Leadership.  Her slogan is: "Building Better Communities".

Ms. Patricia Charles - Chair of Multiple Sclerosis Outreach Committee.  She has a B.A. in Economics and Anthropology, in addition to a M.S. in Social Work.  Her slogan is: "We respect the trials and tribulations of MS, however we will offer an environment of positivity and hope, as opposed to a forum to trade problems".

Mr. Claude Frazier -
Chair of Republican History and Archival Committee.  He has a B.A. in the Social Sciences and Legal Studies.  His slogan is: "Anything worth having...is worth fighting for...and recording".

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Smith -
Chair of the HRC Humanities Outreach Committee.  He has a Doctorate in Humanities.  His slogan is: "The Republican Party was the first civil rights party...we must stop talking about party...we must get back to grassroots community service, the foundation of Republicanism...as in our "New Directions Program".

E. Leroy Owens, Jr. -
Grassroots Initiatives Advisor - He has a B.A. in Political Science and Urban Studies from Fordham University. His slogan is: "Helping those to help themselves"


Cathy Cunningham -
Chair of Health Outreach Services Committee.  She has Diploma in Business Support Systems from New York University School of Continuing Education - Her Slogan is: "Uplifting the Community"

Edward Daniels, Jr. - Chair of Veterans Services Outreach Committee - He has a Degree in Political Science from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Pre-law  courses at St. Johns University and Baruch College.  His slogan is:  "Respect Your Fellowman"

Sammy Cunningham - Chair of Community Job Development Outreach Committee 

Irma Henderson - Chair of Senior Citizens Outreach Committee

Lamont Foxhall -
Chair of Computer Re-entry Outreach Committee.   He is a Harlem native and has had a career as a Telecommunications  Specialist with ITT, MCI and MCI. CCNA certification. His slogan is: "Get It Right The First Time".

Roy Lee - Chair of Mathematics Tutorial Outreach Services - He has a B.S. in Engineering from City College - He slogan is: "Math is a visit into possibilities"

Watch for the rest of photos, educational bios & slogans of the HRC Committee Chairs!