Harlem Republican Club, Inc. Official Website!

  Administrative Executive Directors

  Dr. Charles Smith,  Board Chairman, and

Chair of HRC Humanities Outreach Committee


Claude Sharrieff-Frazier, Chair of Republican History

and Archival Committee


Bert Mandeville, Chair of Education Committee


District Leader Emeritus - Honorable E. Leroy Owens, Jr.

Grassroots Programs Advisor


Milton Williams - Chair of By-Laws Committee &

Chair of Membership Committee



Claude Sharrieff Frazier - President

Milton Williams - Vice President

Bert Mandeville - Executive Secretary

Paul Washington - Treasurer


HRC Certified Public Accountant

Harold Blum - CPA

Marjorie Durden - CPA * Non Profit Consultant


Civic Virtue Committee Directors

Patricia Charles, Chair of Multiple Sclerosis Outreach (MS)

Dr. Victor Solis, Chair of Research and Development

Edward Daniels, Chair of Veterans Services

Roy Lee, Chair of Mathematics Community Tutoring Services

Milton Williams, Chair of Engineering Vocational Outreach

Claude Frazier - Chair of Historical Archives

Lamont Foxhall, Chair of Re-entry Outreach & Computer Outreach Services

Cathy Cunningham,  Chair of Health Services

Michael Cogen, Chair of Architectural Vocational Outreach

Della Hawkins,  Chair of Women's Services

Sammy L. Cunningham,  Chair of Job Development

Ed Daniels,  Chair of Black & Hispanic Coalition - Carlos De Los Santos, Co-chair