Harlem Republican Club, Inc. Official Website!
This is the Harlem Republican Club, Inc. new logo which symbolizes a successful first year of the Club's grassroots "New Directions Program (NDP)".

The logo symbolizes: grassroots (green grass) which is our resource base and "urban community".  HRC intends to see our community "green and fertile" by committing ourselves (giving back) to our constituents through dedicated public service.  The Harlem Republican Club, Inc. promotes education, self empowerment and encouragement for all!

Theme: "Remembering Our Roots...as to Republican Ideology!"


Ed Daniels - 2008 Candidate, for 15th Congressional District of the State of New York


To Ed:  You are a Winner & the Community Appreciates You

.......and Loves You!

Candidate 2008

Cathy Cunningham - 2007 Candidate, for Associate District Leader

To Cathy: The Lady who Really Cares and We are Fortunate

to have had YOU Aboard!