Harlem Republican Club, Inc. Official Website!

The Mission Statement of the Harlem Republican Club, Inc. can be summarized as follows:

  •     Exemplify "Urban and Grassroots Republicanism" in Harlem and in America.

  • Increase the level of participation in the Republican Party and the awareness of the party's contribution to the advancement and achievement of African Americans in Harlem, our community at large and domestically;

  • Identify and cultivate viable candidates for elective office at the city, state, and national levels;

  • Work with other Republican Party clubs and organizations to formulate and implement community-based programs to address local issues and generate local visibility that help promote the relevance of the Republican Party, in addition to national visibility;

  • To cultivate Republican District Leaders "to and who" voluntarily work for the Club and to express the Harlem Republican Club's Mission with respect to the Assembly District;

  • The Harlem Republican Club implements leadership training for candidates, election day inspectors, poll watchers, and District Leaders;

  • Conduct voter education forums, candidate seminars, and political education workshops:

  • Develop and communicate information utilizing radio, print, and television media as well as mailings and Internet communications.