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E. Leroy Owens, Jr.

The Honorable E. Leroy Owens, Jr. was elected Republican District Leader of the 70th Assembly District, New York County, in 1984, and was re-elected to this position yearly, up to 1998. The Harold C. Burton Republican Club was started by our beloved Leroy Owens.

Harold C. Burton was an important African-American Republican in Harlem during the years from 1944 to the 1960's.  Harold C. Burton, (Republican) and Adam Clayton, Powell, Jr. (Democrat) were adversaries in Harlem in the 40's.

Harold C. Burton was the New York Republican Delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York in the years 1944, 1948, 1952 and  1956 for the 22nd District.

In 1948 Adam Clayton Powell defeated Harold C. Burton.

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